This page probably doesn’t contain enough legal jargon to be fully compliant but this is an honest and true reflection of what the site does in terms of your privacy and the data stored by this web site.

Privacy and Your Personal Information

This site has no user accounts, and you will not be asked to identify yourself.

Data Sources and Storage

The data indexed by this site is generated from the JSON file in this repository. If you are the owner of a Swift package listed there and would like it to be removed, please let me know.

This site also stores all search queries that are made, along with which package links were clicked as a result of those searches. This site also stores a unique identifier (based on a hashed version of your IP address) along with the search queries. This data is only used to improve search results.

Cookies and Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics to gather usage data. No other analytics, trackers, or cookies are in use.